The Best Auto GPS – Our Guide To The World

Using the best GPS is somewhat second nature to the majority of drivers today as one can be found is such a wide variety of types, styles, and sizes all at reasonable prices, however, that has not always been the case. Today the price tends to vary most often by the features one has included with the system at the time of purchase, with almost every one of the best GPS systems allowing updates and upgraded add-ons.

What is the Best GPS to Buy

The best GPS to buy is very dependent upon the uses the user intends to utilize the most often. There are various types of GPS offerings in which to consider based on one's overall navigation needs. Some of the most common variations or types of GPS are as follows.

  • Handheld GPS
  • ​Built in Car GPS
  • Add-on Car GPS
  • Cellular GPS
Multiple Different Kinds of GPS Systems

Handheld VS Car GPS

Primarily the most dominate difference between the best handheld GPS types and the best car GPS systems would be the manner in which the user plans to operate the GPS most often. For example, if the primary function is to navigate within a vehicle it would be most useful for one to get a car style GPS. However, if the user is more of an outdoorsman type and plans to use the GPS on hikes and bike rides more so than within the vehicle it would most likely be more beneficial to them to acquire a handheld GPS.

Best GPS for Car

When selecting the best GPS for car usage one would want to ensure that it has a turn-by-turn driving navigations that are spoken. This enables one to have more driving control as they are not forced to have their eyes leave the roadway to read the mapping system which can leave one in a huge driving disadvantage in regards to stopping in proper time, for example. Many states have laws that prevent the use of an auto GPS that does not speak to the driver.

Beautifuly Designed Car GPS

GPS Navigation

The best GPS navigation systems for an automobile would include, as previously mentioned audible navigating, but should also include preloaded road maps, and preloaded access to major points of interests. Some of the basics in preloaded access should incorporate the following.

  • ​All basic roadway maps
  • ​Options for detour mapping
  • Selection of shortest distance routes
  • ​Selection of fastest time routes
  • Selection of non-toll routes
  • ​Location of gas stations on selected routes
  • ​Location of restaurants on selected routes
  • Allow internet updating for road issues

Best Handheld GPS

Unlike the car GPS models that are customarily equipped with all the driving maps necessary the best handheld GPS units come with a multitude of additional map types and selections.

Handheld GPS System in Use

An example of the most used or asked for options in the best handheld GPS could include the following.

  • ​Waterproof device for all weather conditions
  • ​Barometer for checking weather changes
  • Electronic compass for easier directions
  • ​Altimeter for locating location on a vertical plane
  • ​Satellite imagery
  • Road mapping
  • ​Waterway mapping
  • Topographical mapping

Best Car Navigation System

The best car navigation systems that come pre-installed into the dash of one's vehicle at the time of purchase is a newer accessory that has hit the marketplace often allowing a certain time length of free use based upon the deals currently going at select vendor locations.

The options that often vary the most with these car GPS systems in regards to the portable add-on variations that come with mounting kits would often include the following items.

  • Accident or crash notifications
  • ​Emergency assistance package
  • Roadside assistance package
  • Stolen vehicle location package
Garmin GPS Package and Front Side and Display

A couple of huge downsides also occur with the factory installed car navigation systems. The most dominate is the cost of the system as often times they average a cost of roughly $1500. These downsides could also include having to purchase upgrades from the auto dealers, lack of mobility between vehicles, and monthly cost to maintain services.

Best Cellular or Smart Navigation System

When it comes to cellular or smart navigation systems one would best benefit one that comes with the lowest price and the highest amount of options provided at no additional cost. The best cellular navigation systems obviously will vary by cellular carrier, phone varieties, smart items to add the product onto, and the overall usage. Some applications offer a flat one-time fee, a per-use fee, or a monthly to a yearly fee depending on the application selection.


The best GPS conclusion is a rather simple one as those people that have a GPS system at the time of need are in far better shape than those that do not have one. It is hard to tell when, if ever, the need for a GPS could easily go from a simple need to that which is a matter of life-sustaining urgency. Personally, having access to GPS is the easiest means of not ever having to find out the hard way.