best car speakersCar speakers are always essential part of every car regardless of its size, style and design.

Actually, no car manufacturer would build cars without their audio system because we all want to listen to music while driving and maximize the use of our stereos and media players.

However, factory car sound systems don’t satisfy some of us and wanted to experience more quality sounds with our cars.

In this aspect, by leveling up our sound system with the best car speakers, we can surely enjoy our rides along with our music.

To help you choose among, we identify important aspects like the functions of the various parts of a speaker, the types of speakers and how to know which speakers match your system.

Best Car Speakers List for 2018

ImageModel NamePriceOur RatingAvailability
Kicker 41KSC354 (3-1/2" 2-way speakers)Kicker 41KSC354 (3-1/2" 2-way speakers)$4.5 star
Polk Audio DXi691 (6"x9" 3-way car speakers)Polk Audio DXi691 (6"x9" 3-way car speakers)$$5 star
Infinity Kappa 682.11cf (5"x7"/6"x8" 2-way car speakers)Infinity Kappa 682.11cf (5"x7"/6"x8" 2-way car speakers)$$$4.5 star
Alpine SPS-410 (Type S 4" 2-way car speakers)Alpine SPS-410 (Type S 4" 2-way car speakers)$4.5 star
Kicker 40CSS674 (6-3/4" component speaker system)Kicker 40CSS674 (6-3/4" component speaker system)$$4.5 star
MTX Terminator653 (Terminator Series 6-1/2" 3-way car speakers)MTX Terminator653 (Terminator Series 6-1/2" 3-way car speakers)$$4 star
Polk Audio DB522 (DB+ Series 5-1/4" 2-way car speakers)Polk Audio DB522 (DB+ Series 5-1/4" 2-way car speakers)$$4.5 star
Alpine SPR-69 (Type-R 6"x9" 2-way car speakers)Alpine SPR-69 (Type-R 6"x9" 2-way car speakers)$$$4 star
JL Audio TR650-CXi (Evolution™ TR Series 6-3/4" 2-way car speakers)JL Audio TR650-CXi (Evolution™ TR Series 6-3/4" 2-way car speakers)$$$4.5 star
Focal Performance PS 165V Expert SeriesFocal Performance PS 165V Expert Series$$$4.5 star

Kicker 41KSC354 (3-1/2″ 2-way speakers)

Kicker 41KSC354 (3-1/2" 2-way speakers)

When it comes to easy installation, this product, which is among the best car speakers is known to be installation-friendly. With a smaller mounting depth, it can be installed in place of your factory made dash speakers.

Among models of smaller size, this will surely fit your budget. Usually sold in pairs, these will also be perfect if you can install bass blockers to prevent them from producing cracking and popping sound during high volume.

Technical Specifications

With 3-1/2″ polypropylene woofer cone and rubber surround, these pair can last a long time. Its 1/2″ silk balanced dome tweeter will also accurately provide additional string to the whole sound.

Power range is 2-50 watts RMS (100 watts peak power) and has frequency range of 80-20,000 Hz. With sensitivity of 88 dB, this is perfect on car system with lower RMS . Impedance is 4 ohms. Top mount depth is 1-11/16. Always sold in pair and manufacturer provides 1 year warranty.


The first thing that you’ll want with these basic 2-way speakers are its easy installation feature and its quality sensitive design that makes it an ideal replacement for low-powered factory dash radios.

Performance wise, you’ll be surprised with the performance of the 3-1/2” polypropylene woofer which is balanced by the dome tweeter that provides depth to your music.


The bass don’t usually perform as expected. The tweeter also on most units sounded unnatural. Because of its simple and low-priced quality, this product is not as durable as the high-end dash speakers.

Using amp, this should be used with a dedicated amp with EQ to enable it to meet the other speakers’ sound quality.

Polk Audio DXi691 (6″x9″ 3-way car speakers)

Polk Audio DXi691 (6"x9" 3-way car speakers)Another affordable 3-way car speakers you can consider, you will enjoy your music with these bad boys.

With dimension of 6”x9”, these two separate units are sized enough to give you crisp and clear sounds with the right bass amount.

With a woofer, a tweeter and supertweeter in one unit, your sound won’t falter with these even at high volume.

Technical Specifications

With the 1” soft polymer composite dome tweeter and 3/4” aluminum dome supertweeter, the mixture of sounds all over your car will be fantastic. Featured with dynamic balance polypropylene cone, the structure is solid and sound is produced efficiently and natural. Sensitivity is 93 dB and with 4 Ohm Impedance. Sold in pair and comes with 1 year warranty.


They are fantastic with their woofers and these woofers will really showcase your music. With a built of polymer composite cones and mid-sized bulk, these speakers are lightweight but solid and its features lessen the chance for sound minimal distortion.

The company uses laser imaging in crafting the woofer cones which makes this product properly balanced and can naturally resist warping that is usually the cause of sound distraction. The supertweeter adds more depth to the sound dimension and every song will be entertaining to listen to.


Speakers don’t come with adapters or brackets that sometimes create inconvenience in installation. In this case, there must be new holes needed to install it.

Infinity Kappa 682.11cf (5″x7″/6″x8″ 2-way car speakers)

Infinity Kappa 682.11cf (5"x7"/6"x8" 2-way car speakers)The Infinity Kappa definitely belongs to the list of the best car speakers. It is popular with its legendary sound quality and still has the rugged construction you see on its speakers while maintaining excellent sound quality for every unit.

You’ll never regret having these if you want every bit of details in your music.

Technical Specifications

With a dimension of 5″x7″/6″x8″, this 2-way car speakers projects the real surround sound. The cone is made of fiber glass for solid construction and its top-mount has a depth of 2-3/8”. Power range is 5-100 watts RMS so it is adaptable to 300 watts peak power. Sensitivity is 94dB, frequency response of 40-25kHz. Three years warranty.


For those who are searching for natural-sounding speakers even on high frequencies, these speakers utilize 1” soft dome that will meet your standards.

The larger but unique design that makes up for a larger tweeter can handle more power thus delivering smoother response up to midrange frequencies. Sound is more defined like the instruments are playing just near you especially the bass.


Frames are not made of metal. Sometimes the mid-range sounds muffled on some speakers. Bass response sometimes fails.

Alpine SPS-410 (Type S 4″ 2-way car speakers)

Alpine SPS-410 (Type S 4" 2-way car speakers)These 2-way speakers are often underrated, but they actually work pretty darn well. The 4-inch dimension contributes to the speakers’ greater range and excellent definition of tone even with a low-level power.

The nice thing about these is that if you don’t want to remove your factory stereo, you can just connect these speakers and will immediately feel the sonic sound blast.

Or, you can connect them to an amp or an aftermarket stereo for maximum performance. With its versatility, these speakers maintain their place among the best today.

Technical Specifications:

Pair of 4” 2-way speakers, polypropylene woofer with rubber surround and 3/4” silk dome tweeter, these make fantastic sound all over your car – great during long drives on the offroad.

With a 2-45 watts power range, it is highly compatible with 140 watts peak power. The top-mount depth is 1-11/16”, frequency response of 97-22kHz and at 86 dB, these bring out all the details of the instruments and the vocals. Come with a 1-year warranty.


The polypropylene cones are mineral fortified that makes the Alpine SPS-410 stiff but tough and lightweight. This tells us that the cones can literally adjust to the range of super bass and maximize the use of the midrange.

The rubber surround also supports the woofer in place for definite movements of the cone and prevent sound distortion. The silk dome tweeters also produce amazing sounds of the vocals and instruments.


Grilles are not included and you have to buy them separately.

Kicker 40CSS674 (6-3/4″ component speaker system)

Kicker 40CSS674 (6-3/4" component speaker system)If you want to upgrade your factory sound system so bad, consider this product because this is one of the best there is in the market today.

The Kicker CS Series speakers are absolutely solid and will worth your money. Just from its looks, you’ll know these are solidly made and the sounds they make are also rocking solid you won’t wonder why these fall under our top-list.

Technical Specifications:

Composed of 6 individual parts – 2 woofers, 2 tweeters and 2 crossovers, this is basically a complete set of a component speaker system and a great find on online stores. The woofers are made of polypropylene with polyester foam surrounds for more solid construction and the ¾” titanium dome tweeters are also solidly made.

The external crossover network has 3 tweeter levels – 0, +3, + 6 dB. Power range is 2-100 watts RMS and frequency response of 35-21 kHz. Sensitivity is 90 dB and comes with 1-year warranty.


The best car speakers are excellent with their treble and bass and this unit shows it. The woofers are made of polypropylene with polyester foam surround to make it last for years.

The ¾” titanium dome tweeters will take care of the vocals and details of the instruments thus giving your music the life you seek. On one hand, the crossover network offers you three level settings and all you get is well-balanced sound. Grilles come along with the set.


When installing the tweeters, you will need universal backstraps you can buy from the manufacturer. For performance, the bass is still too short for some reviewers.

MTX Terminator653 (Terminator Series 6-1/2″ 3-way car speakers)

MTX Terminator653 (Terminator Series 6-1/2" 3-way car speakers)These 3-way pair speakers are built for those who are looking for hard-rocking sounds in their cars without sacrificing their wallet’s content.

Among the best car speakers, this is one of the most excellent choices in replacing overused factory speakers but cannot be able to replace because of the cost of high-end speakers. This one is practically affordable but it rocks!

Technical Specifications:

Dimension of speakers is 6-1/2″ 3 and the cone is built with polypropylene materials. The tweeter and supertweeter are also made of Mylar, a polyester resin that is heat resistant.

The Terminator 653 also use Mylar with their speakers. Frequency response is 54-20 kHz so it is highly receptive to variations of sounds. Top mount depth is 2 inches so it won’t produce a bump. Grilles are included and come with 2 years warranty.


If you are looking for a higher level experience with your car sounds, this one will show it to you. The woofer itself is made from tough polypropylene and the dome tweeters are of Mylar materials for heat resistance features.

It can basically adjust its sounds with its midrange up to high frequency sounds which the tweeters will handle. Using an amp or aftermarket stereo, this can handle up to 45 watts of power. Very easy to install and really regarded among the best in the market as of recent.


Bass is somewhat short. Wattage is rather low.

Polk Audio DB522 (DB+ Series 5-1/4″ 2-way car speakers)

Polk Audio DB522 (DB+ Series 5-1/4" 2-way car speakers)These 2-way speakers only produce clean and smooth full-range sound. Ruggedly designed, this one is among the Polk’s DB+ Series with a universal fit. With its size, you can install it on any type of vehicle even motorcycles, ATVs or boats.

This is just right to replace your factory audio system and will exactly provide you high performance. It uses non-resonant materials so your highs, mids and lows are perfectly balanced.

Technical Specifications

Woofer’s dimension is 5-1/4” with rubber surround for varying sound degree and the dome tweeter is constructed using silk material that makes it highly sensitive.

It can handle up to 100 watts RMS and sensitivity rating is 91 dB. Frequency range is 55-22kHz which makes the sound more detailed. Grilles are included. One year warranty.


This is Marine Certified which means it cannot be stained by any kinds of dirt and that makes it suitable to install on any types of vehicles even those with exposed bodies like motorcycles and boats.

It is also resistant to salt-fog, humidity and sun’s rays and its body is non-corrosive as it’s made of glass composite. Even the inner linings are water-proof.

Performance wise, these speakers have been designed with laser imaging technology to avoid sound distortion and only produce smooth response and amazing sonic detail.


There is the distortion of sounds during high volume. Should be used with an amp for more powerful sound.

Alpine SPR-69 (Type-R 6″x9″ 2-way car speakers)

Alpine SPR-69 (Type-R 6"x9" 2-way car speakers)On high volume, these 2-way car speakers can match any of the higher-end products that are hot in the market today. Actually, this is designed for people who want loud sounds inside their cars.

The pairs really produce big sounds at dynamic performance. You can hear a lot of bass without distorting the high sounds. These are perfectly matched for car stereos and will even exceed your volume expectations with an outboard amp.

Technical Specifications:

The Alpine SPR-69’s woofers here are made of multi-layered hybrid fiber with Santoprene® rubber surround. Tweeter is built on silk dome and has a power range of 2-100 watts RMS. Frequency response is 60-29,000 Hz so the bass will really amaze you. Sensitivity at 90 dB. One year warranty.


The clarity and balance of these speakers were already fine-tuned and are simply one of the best out there. Its multi-layered hybrid woofers are to
produce the best bass explosions and this remained consistent.

Because of its unique materials, the woofers tend to push a lot of air that makes the big, booming sound while the tweeters will always produce the high frequency sounds without the shrillness. You can even swivel them to directly hit you with their resonances.


Sounds can distort if speakers use more power. This can be solved if a crossover is used.

JL Audio TR650-CXi (Evolution™ TR Series 6-3/4″ 2-way car speakers)

JL Audio TR650-CXi (Evolution™ TR Series 6-3/4" 2-way car speakers)If you just want to improve the sounds in your car and maximize your stereo sound, these 2-way speakers highly recommended by off-roading enthusiasts.

Even without an external amp, the sounds they produce are really well-balanced and full-bodied. With two separate tweeters, the full details of small instruments can be heard fully. The JL series are known for their excellent performance and these car speakers again prove this.

Technical Specifications

The woofer is built with injection-molded mica that is mixed with polypropylene to ensure years of use and will not disintegrate prematurely.

Two external tweeters are mounted on textile dome so that they can pass out sounds of high frequency without sound distortions. The speakers boast of 10-50 watts RMS range and have a frequency response of 59-22,000 Hz. One year warranty.


With the mica-filled polypropylene that was used on the woofers, the woofers will really enhance the response for low-frequency range thus providing you the best experience with drums and bass on your sound system. The tweeters, on the other hand, will relay every little detail which will take your sound to a higher level and they are made tough too.


Bass drums sometimes may sound distorted at high levels. Total volume also seems to be limited to some users.

Focal Performance PS 165V Expert Series

Focal Performance PS 165V Expert SeriesThey call this component speaker system, a sound investment suited only for the best car speakers. Why? It’s made in France so the technology used in building this system are high-tech.

Considered one of the front liners among the off-roading speakers and made by Focal, you cannot easily find speakers like this set. This is actually a complete set.

The lightweight Polyglass woofer cone is totally rigid that only produce beautifully-textured bass as well as the midrange without any distortion.

Technical Specifications

Includes 6-3/4” woofer, 2 tweeters, 2 crossovers, and 2 woofer grilles. The woofer is built with polyglass with butyl rubber surround for more explosive bass while the tweeters are of aluminum grade.

The crossovers have 3-level tweeter control and 3 selectable crossover points. At 5-80 watts RMS range, frequency response is 60-20,000 Hz and sensitivity of 92.5 dB. If you want the component type of the best car speakers, better check this one out. One year warranty.


The system’s tweeters are what make a big difference for the whole set. It provides wider dispersion of sound that can able to handle high-frequency response without distorting any sound detail even on high notes.

The woofer does its job in projecting explosive bass sounds and with the tweeters and crossovers you won’t realize what hits you.

You won’t find any comparable component speaker system among the best car speakers today because this one is unique. The individual units also enable you to split up the parts and have a complete sound surround experience inside your car.


You have to have a universal backstraps in installing the tweeters which you can buy from the manufacturer.

For peak performance if you want to have more explosive sound experience, you have to use an outboard amplifier.

Technical Specs To Consider

Car speakers come in single or pair sets. But the best car speakers today are the 2-way and 3-way speakers. The 2-way speakers are composed of two speakers with different frequency range such as a tweeter and a woofer (also called the mid-range) in one single set.

 The 3-way speakers consist of three speakers: tweeter, woofer and the subwoofer and either in one single set or in 3 separate parts.

Below are the different types of speakers and ideal materials used for each speaker, types of speaker sets and how to know if a car speaker is suited for your car’s system.

Types of Speakers


This is the smallest speaker and can always be found on good sets of speakers. It could be a stand-alone speaker or incorporated into a sound system composed of speakers.

Frequency ranges from 3 kHz to 20 kHz and responsible in producing the upper frequency sounds like string instruments or any tool that produces high notes. It basically provides more life to music and helps in separating stereo frequencies to produce a sound-surround environment.

Ideal Materials: Soft elements like textile blends, poly or silk to for more refined sound. For snappy sound, solid materials like ceramics, graphite or even metal are the excellent choice.

Woofers or Mid-range

Play as the central part of any audio system. It is for producing low frequency sounds which ranges from 160Hz-3kHz. Its power comes from its dynamic driver and its solid structure and enclosure also enable it to produce deep, heavy sounds.

If your speaker is among the better models, the vocals, trumpets, and sax are more profound with the woofers.

Ideal Materials: You should take a look at having stiff but lightweight polypropylene, synthetics or woven fabrics with aluminum or titanium coating on their woofers.

This is to provide strong hold on the structure and for more bass sound response. These materials can withstand varying temperatures and even moisture.


With a frequency rate below 30 Hz, these speakers have subwoofers that can produce the ultra low frequency in support of the woofers so that bass sounds are more detailed and felt. Rumbles of explosion or low notes of an organ are soundly expressed by the subwoofers. These also add depth, volume and impact to the music as a whole.

Ideal Materials: For bolder bass sound – rubber, foam, and cloths are incorporated on its structure. These can withstand extreme temperature and humidity.


Optional. These are usually paired with amplifiers. These tools optimize loud sound and prevent distortions. It also helps the speakers to produce quality sound and also provide power to subwoofers thus also called “boosters”.


Optional. These are electronic devices that split sounds between 2 or 3 speakers. It derives sound signal from the amplifier and split it into two or three frequency ranges before sending the signals to the speakers. This process enables the speakers to adapt to varying sound frequencies. Some of the awesome models today have external crossovers included in their sets.

Types of Car Speaker Sets

These are in sets of 2-way and the 3-way car speakers.

2-Way Speakers

These speakers have two important elements in one system – the woofer and the tweeter. These are best if you would want to change factory speakers into full range and these are easy to install.

 But even though these speakers only have two components, some of the best car speakers actually belong in this class.

3-Way Speakers

3-way speakers has the woofers, tweeters and supertweeters all in one single sets. Sounds these speakers produced are full of details you can hear every instrument clearly.

How to Match Your Speakers To Your Car’s System

Not all speakers can match every car’s power system. To know if a speaker is adaptable to your car, you should consider the speaker’s sensitivity rating and power handling.

Sensitivity Rating

Sensitivity Rating is the capacity of the speakers to efficiently convert power into sound. So the power of the speaker will depend on your car’s stereo power output. If your car has low-stereo power output, then you should choose something with high sensitivity ratings so that low power is matched evenly.

If you have a high-powered stereo, speakers with low sensitivity rating are the best choices. For example, if your factory installed stereo has 15 watts RMS (Root Mean Square) or less, a higher sensitivity speaker with 90 dB or higher is ideal to install.

But if your stereo has 16 watts RMS or above, speakers with low sensitivity ratings can be a good match.

RMS is basically the speaker’s power output and expressed in “watts RMS”. It determines the average power output of the speakers over long hours of use.


This is the capacity of the speakers to handle power in watts. If your car has low-powered system, even the most powerful speakers won’t be able to manage lots of power.

Moreover, if your car has a powerful external amps, you can install something that have power-handling capacity identical or more than the system’s amps output. For cars with low 2-50 watts RMS, this will perfectly match any low-powered speaker.

Rule of thumb here is: If you want the speakers with powerful sound capacity, you must pair it with a powerful amp or receiver.

Conclusion: What’s The Best Car Speakers?

Speakers can really make your day during your trips. However, choosing the best car speakers may seem highly technical to many car owners because you have to consider a lot of qualities that your car provides such as available power in your stereo system so that it can match the sensitivity ratings and power handling of the speakers.

This is why this article will make you understand what needs to be considered prior to buying your speakers.

And with the list we provide here, you can now choose among best car speakers that can give you the quality of sounds you need with your car’s sound system.

You can also call the company that sells these speakers and ask them advice which among these matches your car’s model and stereo power.