best dash camsDash cams are now becoming a necessity as almost all vehicle owners today would want to have their mobile camcorders on their vehicles for specific purposes.

Most people buy dash cams for protection and security purposes in case mishaps happen while on the road while some individuals want dash cams only to record their road trips.

Nevertheless, having a dash cam is fun and essentially can make every driver feel secure. This is why we need to find the best dash cams in the market to help people get their money’s worth and achieve their purposes.

10 Best Dash Cams for 2018

ImageModel NamePriceOur RatingAvailability
Garmin Dash Cam 20 Garmin Dash Cam 20$$4 star
Black Vue DR-650GW-32 GB 2 Channel Front and Rear Dash CamerasBlack Vue DR-650GW-32 GB 2 Channel Front and Rear Dash Cameras$$$4 star
KJB Security Products DAS-3000HD Dash CameraKJB Security Products DAS-3000HD Dash Camera$$$4 star
Falcon Zero F360 HD Rear View Mirror Cash Dash Camera With DVRFalcon Zero F360 HD Rear View Mirror Cash Dash Camera With DVR$$$4 star
GT300 1080P 2.4 inch Car Dashcam Video RecorderGT300 1080P 2.4 inch Car Dashcam Video Recorder$4 star
Papago GoSafe 260 Rear View Mirror/Dash CameraPapago GoSafe 260 Rear View Mirror/Dash Camera$$4 star
A118 1.5 Inch 1080P Full HD Dash Cam With Hidden ModeA118 1.5 Inch 1080P Full HD Dash Cam With Hidden Mode$4.5 star
Papago P3 Dash CamPapago P3 Dash Cam$$$4 star
Transcend DrivePro 220 Dash CamTranscend DrivePro 220 Dash Cam$$4 star
Transcend DrivePro 100 Dash CamTranscend DrivePro 100 Dash Cam$$4.5 star

Garmin Dash Cam 20

Garmin Dash Cam 20This cam is highly considered as one of the best dash cams Garmin has produced. If you want a high-definition recording during driving, this unit will surely be reliable.

It can accurately pinpoint your location plus it can input the detailed time so that everything is recorded accurately as events happened.

Packed with 1080p resolution, you can switch it into 720p to save on power. It also has a continuous looping and on/off auto features so it automatically goes to record mode as soon it is plugged into a power source.

Technical Specs:

Compact single channel dash cam that has a 2.3-inch LCD display which allows you to view videos in wide-angle lens. The camera is detachable you can record scenes like the results of collisions.

It features 1080p video, equipped with a GPS receiver and has an integrated microphone that can capture and record sound clearly even sounds outside of your vehicle. It also with a G-sensor, you are ensured that everything that happens after an impact is recorded.


Like what generally best dash cams offer, this unit captures more views with its wide-angle screen and the picture/video quality is perfect.

It won’t fail with its time/speed/location stamp while its G-sensor is generally reliable. Made durable and sturdy, its all-black casing contributes to its discreetness. Storage is upgradable up to 32 GB card.


Cable is rather short to connect to the fuse box. Image on the screen is a bit hazy at night. The micro SD should be Class 10 so you can’t just experiment with using other SD cards if you want accurate recording.

Using Mac, videos should first be converted from .AVI to MP4 to watch. With Windows, you need multi-media player like VLC.

Black Vue DR-650GW-32 GB 2 Channel Front and Rear Dash Cameras

Dual channel and equipped with a GPS receiver to log your location and speed while driving. It connects easily with dedicated iOS and Android app using Wi-Fi capability. Full HD recording for both front and rear cameras simultaneously.

Three recording modes – normal, parking and event, you can leave your car and will record the scene once G-sensor or motion detection system is activated.

Considered by reviewers as one of the best dash cams in the market today, this provides a feeling of security even the car is parked.Technical Specs:

Technical Specs:

Wi-Fi capable, it can upgrade its firmware once it detects a mobile app on a smart phone. Front camera has 1080p and rear camera has 720p. Video format is in MP4 and videos can be viewed on Mac, iOS, PC and Android without the need to convert.

For storage capacity, it can support up to 128GB MicroSD card. Equipped with G-sensor, motion detection system and auto on/off so you don’t have to turn it on and off manually. For reserved power, it uses its internal capacitor during the car’s buffer parking mode.Advantages:


Beautiful black casing suited for discreet recording found among the best dash cams. The 2.4MP front cam has 129° viewing angle. With faster bit rate it enables the front camera to record at 10Mbps and the rear cam (1MP) at 5 Mbps.

No overheating issues are present as well. The coax cable is thinner for easy insertion on the headliner. The buffered parking mode will let the unit alert itself and record whenever something unusual happens inside and outside your car.


There are issues regarding the upgrading of the firmware with cloud support which sometimes fails. Connectivity through Wi-Fi goes too slow and usually crashes during set-up with a mobile app.

KJB Security Products DAS-3000HD Dash Camera

KJB Security Products DAS-3000HD Dash CameraCounted as the one of the best dash cams in 2016, this product has ultra-wide angle lens (140°) and can be used as a handheld HD video camera. It can record about 10 minutes of scenes away from its power source.

The 5MP lens produces 1080p videos and can capture pictures in lively still images.

Very easy to install using only adhesive mount and recording is stable. The G-sensor is highly sensitive and its playback software is generally compatible with any PC.Technical specs:

Technical specs:

Resolution is up to Full HD 1080p. The motion detection system is reliable and with its 140 degree viewing field, the lens can capture everything that happens in and out of the vehicle.

The 5MP camera is above the standard while storage capability can support up to 32 GB Micro SD card.Advantages:


Featured with on/off system, it automatically engages and disengages along with the car’s ignition. The best dash cams are excellent for surveillance and this one is one of them.

It records scene in 1080p HD quality and the camera can be detached in case emergency situations need to be filmed. It’s best to be installed on teen’s cars or on company cars during road trip. T

he park detention mode and the motion detection system automatically kick in once sudden movements inside and outside your vehicle occur.Disadvantages:


The captured video is saved on .AVI format which some PCs or gadgets won’t play until converted into general format video like MP4.

But this could not be an issue if the computer has a cross platform multi-media player installed like VLC (free).

Falcon Zero F360 HD Rear View Mirror Cash Dash Camera With DVR

Seen today as one of the best dash cams in the market due to its unique features, it can be snapped lock on the rear view mirror and you have an integrated dash cam.

Very discreet and no need to clip or secure it with anything. Two HD cameras that can rotate 180 degrees are attached to the cam which is settled on the front.

The front cam has 1080p and rear cam has 720p resolution. With an auto on/off feature, no need to remember turning the gadget on and off.

Technical Specs:

The unit’s 3.5 inch LCD screen will let you see what your camera sees in wide angle and in HD display. You can watch the video right on the screen and no need to play it back on the computer.

The night vision automatically activates on dim light and you can still take clips and shots.

With a built-in microphone and a speaker, you can record everything clear. Supports /high-capacity SD cards up to 32GB. To watch videos on TV, the HDMI HD output will do the trick. Its overall features can also be found among the best dash cams.


The wide angle screen is excellent while the camera itself can take over the rear view mirror. If the camera is turned off, this becomes a mirror. The video display is real crisp at 1080p.

Using both the cameras, the middle screen becomes two-paneled – right panel for the front cam and left for back view shot.

You can also watch someone in the back seat while driving through the rear camera. The auto on/off is also a good feature. Overall, this makes a perfect candidate for the best dash cams available today.


This cash cam will literally takes over your rear view mirror as it will be mounted on it.

The rear camera can only record conveniently the vehicle’s interior since the rear cam is settled right below the dash cam which is settled on the front of the car.

For night vision, you may need to adjust the auto-white balance manually to make smaller details get captured on screen.

Not GPS capable and the battery can last for 30 to 45 minutes without power source. No buffered parking mode feature as well.

GT300 1080P 2.4 inch Car Dashcam Video Recorder

GT300 1080P 2.4 inch Car Dashcam Video RecorderTalking about the best dash cams, this product is the cheapest but very reliable. It can record 1080p with its 3MP camera while equipped with motion detector, G-sensor and anti-shake, you drive into a rough road and still get smooth recording.

It actually beats other branded dash cams in terms of performance but the outputs you get are remarkable.

Technical Specs:

The unit’s 2.4 inch TFT monitor is in Full HD. The loop recording plus night vision features make for an uninterrupted recording.

The 4x optical zoom do provide 170 wide-degree view angle and the G-sensor and motion detection can really provide data protection in case of an impact, car deceleration or sudden movements.

The anti-shake ensures smooth recording even on rough roads. The night vision capability enables clear video recording even in dark areas.


The affordability and reliability of this unit are what is making it more popular and many reviewers consider this to be among the best dash cams cheap enough to buy.

With an adjustable resolution up to 1080p, videos are always in Full HD. It is also easy to install with its special fixed suction cup mount. Very basic design, efficient and user-friendly, accurate time and date display.


Battery life becomes short after few months or a year’s use. Other than this, there are not many issues so far.

Papago GoSafe 260 Rear View Mirror/Dash Camera

A full-blown rear view mirror dash cam, this product has 2.7” LCD screen that produces 1080p Full HD videos. The camera is also adjustable you can point it sideways, up and down. Very easy to clip and will stay there tight.

Its own mirror has anti-glare to prevent bright light from hitting you in the eye. The G-sensor is pretty sensitive and efficient it will alarm you during hard braking or collision.

Technical specs:

Has a built-in microphone, 1080p recording resolution, motion detection and G-sensor. The GPS system is essential in recording trips complete with location, driving speed and date stamp.

With a mini-USB port and a Micro SD card slot, these can complete your needs for a reliable dash cam. Camera has zoom feature. The motion detection mode to record sudden movements when car is parked is also an added bonus.


Once this unit is clipped onto your rear view mirror, it stays in place and no worries it will fall out even on a bumpy ride. The mirror can also detect bright light and goes to dim to protect your eyes.

The video screen is also on the right side of the mirror so it doesn’t block your view of your back. Video is very clear and no static or lag on the audio.

You will also feel secure with its G-sensor and if you want to zoom the lens to get plate numbers of cars, this is very much possible. Can be lined-up among the best dash cams, technically speaking.


On very bright day, the dimming feature can go very dim which can be hard to identify cars at the back. Driving in dark places also makes you unable to see outside view clearly.

For storage, it requires Class 10 memory card and will reject most cards. Kingston memory card generally work well with it.

A118 1.5 Inch 1080P Full HD Dash Cam With Hidden Mode

Very discreet black 1080p dash cam that can be mounted either on rear view mirror or high up on the windshield. Inspite of its small size, it captures 170 degree wide angle view and the video is in Full HD that cars’ plate numbers are detailed.

A nice companion to protect you in case insurance companies or the police would want proof of your innocence during road accidents. Complete with required specs, everything you need for discreet video recorder is in this small unit.

Technical Specs:

Like the qualities of the best dash cams, this unit comes with G-shock sensor for auto recording to mark scenes in split seconds right after impact. Also has auto on/off to ensure activation once engine starts.

Loop recording maintains 24 hour recording and motion detection system will record unusual movements when car is parked using its built-in battery.

Its 3MP camera and built-in microphone will ensure you’ll get very clear video and audio while the anti-shake system makes stable recording even on rough road. Also GPS ready.


Even with its small size, the available features and affordability of this product make an ideal purchase among the small versions of best dash cams today.

It can meet all your basic needs everytime you drive and the high resolution videos can be watched on your PC. Can use 32GB MicroSD card for maximum recording time.


No infrared for night recording so recording on dark roads or neighborhood may produce very dark videos. Screen is rather small and hard to distinguish details.

Papago P3 Dash Cam

Papago P3 Dash CamFor those who want to record their location, the GPS receiver and map view location will detail where they are and where they have been.

The front collision warning system and the G-sensor will warn you of any incoming vehicle and record the scene before and after the collision.

With the unit’s full security capabilities, this product can be regarded as one of the best dash cams in the market today.

Technical Specs:

With a 3.5MP camera capable of 130 degree wide view angle and 2.4 inch color LCD display, this product is highly capable of producing Full HD 1080p videos.

It has built-in map, GPS system plus a date and time stamp, all your recordings will be complete with details.

The auto on/off feature will let you have peace of mind and ensures auto recording while you’re on the road.

The built-in microphone and speakers show their usefulness when previewing your videos right on the cam.Advantages:


Although the GPS is almost present among the best dash cams, this is for logging function only and not to point directions. More so, the built-in map can accurately point your exact location.

Compatible with MAC and Windows, storage can be maximized up to 32 GB SD card.

Equipped with a driver fatigue warning system and stop and go alarm, these go off if you are veering away from your lane or about to collide with an object in front of your car. Warning system on low light is also a plus feature.


Sometimes the set-up software is in the SD card which the new users don’t know. Lane departure system may produce false alarm if without proper setting.

Front collision sensor does not always detect small or thin objects like bicycles or steel posts.

Suction pad on the stand may also lose its grip over time. File is in .fps and needed to be converted to MP4 to watch these on computer. No internal battery.

Transcend DrivePro 220 Dash Cam

People wanted this product for its 24-hour reliability. It has a built-in battery to record for 30 seconds when power is cut off during collision.

With fully charge battery and no power supply, it can still record up to 30 minutes. With its 2.4” color LCD screen, 1080p and 130 degree viewing angle, you’ll get a very clear videos on a wide screen.

Very easy to install and packed with necessary features, these you can only find among the best dash cams.

Technical Specs:

Fitted with infrared filter glass lens, this makes driving secured as everything is recorded clear even on low-light conditions or during the night.

The motion detector, G-sensor and GPS are added values. You can park your car knowing that it will record unusual movements, can mark recorded clips right after collision and the GPS will log your location and driving records on the videos.

Wi-fi connectivity to stream, share and download the videos can be done using a smart phone with a dedicated app. Forward collision warning system is also an addition to your security.


Using its infrared lens, you can now record your trips even on dark roads. With a smart phone, you don’t need to tinker or detach the unit to download, stream and share videos.

The GPS is also very useful feature especially during road trips while you can set up its speed alarm so that you won’t violate speed limits. The lane departure warning system is also a useful capability to prevent collision especially if you get tired driving and veering away from your lane.


If you have a reflective dashboard which casts reflections on your windshield, this may prompt the camera to focus on your windshield as the reflection will block the outside view. Dash cover will do the trick.

This unit also doesn’t have a park detection system so parking is at your own risk.

A faster processor is also needed because of its slow response time. Wi-Fi must be operated manually and file transfer is usually slow. Audio has been reported with issues. Cigarette charger is also bulky.

Transcend DrivePro 100 Dash Cam

Some of the best dash cams come with multiple lenses packed into one. This unit has 3MP camera that is made up of 6 glass lenses which basically produces 1080p videos.

With a 130-degree viewing angle, taking photos in panoramic view while recording is also much possible.

Very dependable it can record up to 30 seconds once power is cut off abruptly and will record up to 30 minutes if internal battery is fully charged. Designed for Windows and Mac so viewing the videos don’t require video conversion.

Technical specs:

The 130-degree viewing angle and lens packed with 6 infrared filter glass lens that is also fog-protected ensure crispy clear and wider view on the monitor.

Utilizing its emergency mode, video files saved are protected from overwriting during looping.

The emergency recording button and G-sensor are important features you can use to protect yourself when somebody’s car hit you. Comes with 16GB MLC micro SD card.


You can take pictures while recording is going on. The auto on/off is a useful quality and the battery back-up can reliably record up to 30 seconds clips on sudden power cut during collision.

Card slot is upgradable up to 64 GB. The mount is also pretty solid and keeps the unit right in place. Very affordable dash cam but must considerably be one of the best dash cams you can purchase at low cost.


It doesn’t have Wi-Fi capability and no parking mode. License plates are also undistinguishable unless about 20 feet away. No infrared as well so night recording in dim light or at night is quite an issue.

Technical Specs to Consider

Channel (Single or Dual)

Dash cams come in two varieties in terms of capturing directions so there are the single and the dual channel cams. Single channel dash cams can record only forward directions and are mounted on windshield or attached to the rearview mirror.

Dual channel dash cams are composed of two cams and one monitor, one cam on the front and the one on the rear of the vehicle to capture opposite directions.

Video Resolution

The first generation dashboard cams generally have 720p (1280×720 pixel resolutions) which is pretty decent to provide HD resolution. But the best dash cams today boast the 1080p (1920×1080) or even higher.

These cams are called the Full HD dash cams. For the dual channels, it is common that the front cam is in Full HD while the rear camera can be good with 720p.

This is to avoid overloading the processor of the camera as two cameras will be running at the same time.Cam Size

Cam Size

Depending on the capacity you want for your dash cam, the size still matters especially with the best dash cams. With today’s dash cams, the bigger they are, the more features they have and larger capacity storage to boot.

But then if you want a discreet size cam that won’t draw quick attention but packed with quality features, these can be pricey but still very reliable.

Night Video Resolution

This feature enables your camera to adjust its white balance or lighting feature to capture scenes even with limited light.

In this aspect, the resolution must not be affected even there is a minimum lighting source from outside. Cameras with 1080p resolution and above are best for night recording.

Loop Recording Capacity

Loop recording is the capacity of the camera to record full time without stopping which means when the memory storage becomes full the camera just overwrites the old recorded video and record again.

Almost all dash cams have this feature but the best dash cams have the G-sensors which automatically mark the points whenever an impact happens and keep this part of the video safe from getting overwritten.

Lock File/Emergency Button

This is specifically used if you want to manually record a scene and mark it. During looping, the marked part won’t get overwritten. You can now quickly search the marked part instead of browsing throughout the video.

Although the new breed of the best dash cams has G-sensors that automatically mark the scenes after impact for few minutes, the lock file button will let you manually save a scene.

On/Off Automatic Recording

The dash cam automatically goes to recording mode once the ignition key is turned on. This is a good feature for drivers who often forget to turn their cameras on before setting off. The cam also goes to sleep once the vehicle goes into park mode.


The G-sensor feature allows your dash cam to record automatically and instantly and mark the video up once your vehicle had an impact or the driver steps on the break hard.

Motion Detection

When the car is in parked mode and there’s an unusual movement inside or around the car, the motion detection system of the dash cam kicks in and record the scene for few minutes.

However, this is only possible if the dash cam has internal batteries.

Size of the Screen

A wide-screen will always allow you to see what the camera is recording and also making the view appear larger. It can also provide you a wider and clearer display when playing back the recorded videos.

Discreet cams, however, don’t need to have large screens. Some of the best dash cams are actually designed to be discreet.

Global Positioning System (GPS)

This is an optional feature but can be found mostly among the best dash cams. For those who want to record scenes complete with location and time, the GPS will put everything in the video.

Internal Batteries

Internal batteries make your dash cam to record for few minutes even without a power source. Very useful during accidents, collision or car intrusion. You can also use your dash cam as a handheld video cam thanks to the internal batteries.


Choosing the best dash cams is actually not easy because as you read the reviews, typically all products posses the qualities every driver needs for a dash cam.

But sometimes it takes a bit of research and reading reviews to know which actually fails and which surpasses expectations even among the best dash cams with popular brands.