JVC KDR660 Single Din Car Stereo

The JVC KDR660 Car Stereo is the closest thing to a home stereo unit one could ask for in their vehicle without loading one’s home system directly into their car each time they leave home. It offers and is able to flaunt all the current technological gadgets and features for the iPhone generation with ease.

Built in and ready to use features are outstanding and include all of the following compatible playing options. Audio CD, AM Radio, FM Radio, USB, MP3, WMA, WAV, iPod, iPad, iPhone, Pandora internet radio that is iOS compatible, iHeartRadio internet radio that is iOS compatible, Bluetooth wireless technology (with adaptor sold separately), as well as JVC-App compatible via the following apps.

  • JVC Smart Music Control App for Android
  • JVC Music Control App for Android
  • JVC Playlist creator for Windows PC software
JVC KDR660 Car Stereo Frontside


  • ​The JVC KDR660 offers remote control operations to prevent one from looking down away from the road while driving thus providing a safe musical journey every time they leave the driveway.
  • ​The removable faceplate feature helps to ensure that their sound system will remain within their vehicle each time they enter.
  • ​USB front port allows one to listen to their smartphone or smart device’s saved and stored music while charging the unit at the same time.
  • ​JVC Digital Track Expander takes mid - high range frequencies and enhances the sounds which are exceptionally nice for those files that have been compressed.
  • ​Having 2 separate 2.5V RCA pre-outs makes adding a bass boost and an amp in line an easy project requiring minimal wiring knowledge or expertise.
  • ​Memory backup allows your tunes to continue exactly where you left off at the time of turning off your vehicle enabling one to never miss the best part of their favorite CD or device recording.
  • ​Dynamite music is the end result thanks to the subwoofer control, low pass filter, and additional functions that include 12 presets within the 3 band built in parametric equalizer.
  • ​If one has an issue with the phone apps lagging this can be easily bypassed by simply using the 3.5 mm jack cable or the auxiliary cable.
JVC KDR660 Car Stereo Backside


  • This car stereo has Bluetooth capabilities when pairing it with the KS-BTA 100 Bluetooth Adapter that is not included with the unit and thus requires an additional purchase.
  • The JVC KDR660 has the ability to play virtually any music source via the 3.5 mm mini-jack stereo cable that is not included with the unit and requires an additional purchase to enjoy. However, many devices do not require the cable when using their standard USB charging cord.
  • Occasional lagging or freezing most often noticeable when using the same function multiple times in succession, such as switching between radio stations. However, the JVC KDR660 clears itself and works as normal within a few seconds.
  • ​Stereo lacks an SD Card input slot making one unable to use their favorite SD Card saved sounds with this device.
  • This JVC car stereo lacks a hi-pass filter available within the equalizer.
JVC KDR660 Car Stereo Frontside Remote and Cabels


One can simply not pass up such a wonderfully high-tech car stereo for the low JVC asking price. It offers far more quality and options than units in similar pricing structure. Every vehicle in the driveway deserves to have such a fine piece of equipment to allow for a sound righteous journey whether traveling across town or across the country.

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