Lightning Car Charger – 10 Amps and 4 USB Ports

The Lightning Car Charger is a must have for any vehicle that transports multiple electronic devices at the same time whether going across town or across the country. This powerful 10 Amp charger offers 4 USB ports with each offering 2.4 amps of charge for each port.

Cut down on the fighting, bickering, and in car nagging that easily occurs once the devices begin to lose charge or die with this one super convenient charging device. The sleek design easily matches or blends into the classiest of sports cars or the most comfortable of minivans.

Lightning Car Charger Beautiful Design


  • ​​Enables the charging of up to four devices within a single cigarette lighter plug.
  • ​​Blue LED lighting to help find the USB port opening in a dark vehicle with ease.
  • ​Indicator light allows one to easily show when connected and receiving power to the device.
  • Many crises have been averted thanks to the ability to charge multiple items at a single time.
Lightning Car Charger next to Gear Shift


  • Cigarette lighter depth requirement is 1.42” or 36 mm for the charger to stay plugged in on its own. Some cars have a lighter depth of 28 mm and the plug will pop out of this lighter depth.
  • Creates a static on any FM radio station when the unit is plugged into the cigarette lighter.
  • This multiple charging device is of a sub-par quality and is known to have a very short life span.
  • ​Many apple products will not recognize this device and are unable to charge.
  • Does not include any USB charging cables with the unit at the time of purchase.


The Lightening Brand Car Charger creates one to desire the device for anyone that is needing to charge more than a couple of devices at a single time. This is a great addition to the business executive that uses their car as an office, the mom on the go, the family taking a trip, or even the college student going home for the weekend. It enables many brands of electronics to charge at a time such as an iPad, Android, and Chromebook.

Lightning Car Charger USB ports

If electronic devices tend to cause you unnecessary grief and you wish to save yourself a lot of trouble this is a device that will change your life from the moment it is plugged into the socket. Prevent the onset of new gray hairs and future car yelling matches in one easy purchase.

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