Rexing V1 Dashboard Camera Recorder

One can now drive with more ease and peace of mind thanks to the additional coverage received when using the Rexing V1 Dashboard Camera Recorder. Whenever users leave home they do so knowing that the incident or accident that might occur will be properly recorded and documented protecting them from any and all possible issues or attempted insurance fraud possibilities.

Recording availability of roughly 5.3 hours of footage occurs with an inserted MicroSD Card that is 32GB recording images at 1080p, however, the unit can utilize an SD card up to 128GB thus allowing much more recording time before card becomes full.

The Rexing V1 offers time and date stamped video clip lengths of 3, 5, or 10 minutes per loop, once updated, then the unit goes on to recording the next loop automatically until the memory card is full. Once the memory card becomes filled it will automatically record over the oldest of the saved footage.

Rexing V1 Beautiful Design


  • Equipped with a six layer glass lens that offers 170 degrees viewing and offers 1920 x 1080 full HD resolution.
  • Offers loop recording that overwrites the oldest of data with the newest while device also has G censoring that allows for the automatic detection, recording and locking of data in the event of an auto accident.
  • ​WDR technology or Wide Dynamic Technology used by this product that saves Images save as a JPG file and video saves as an MOV file.
  • ​The discreet design makes it unobstructed of driver's view and less noticeable by others.
  • ​Upgraded charger now included that offers an extra USB charging port and updates now allow users to set 3, 5, and 10-minute loops selections.
  • ​Simple to save a loop while it is recording in DVR mode for future downloading, one just presses the OK button, a lock symbol appears, and with two seconds the file has been saved. Any files that are locked will not be recorded over once the memory card becomes filled.
  • ​A firmware update in 4/2016 allows the GPS logger to record the speed at which on is driving. In the event, you are erroneously pulled over for speeding as long as one remembers to save the footage one is able to prove that they were not actually speeding with ease.
  • ​Device recording if receiving power is motion activated, thus enabling the recording of door bangs, neighborhood children scraping bikes along the auto, or even shopping cart hits when not in the vehicle.
  • The device is equipped with a microphone that records rather well in the event of need.
Rexing V1 DashCam LCD Monitor


  • The device supports a MicroSD / TF Card up to 128GB in size but is not included in the packaging at the time of purchase thus requiring it to be purchased separately.
  • Recommends the additional purchase of V1 with GPS Logger V1G and also recommends the additional purchase of V1 with rear camera V1P
  • Requires one to hardwire the unit to the auto battery in order to maintain power supply for the motion sensors to work at all times as the battery life is short and only averages 20-30 minutes without a charge connected.
  • Some units have an issue with audio recordings being on for one second and then off for 14 plus the camera on this unit struggles in a low light recording that includes night time hours of use.
  • One must manually go into the menu and set the device to loop record. While doing so if the unit has had all updates the user can select record times of 3, 5 or 10 minutes each.
  • The current recommendation is to have one contact the Rexing people directly prior to purchase inquiring about any issues noted in the most recent of reviews to ensure that the issues have been resolved.
Rexing V1 Dashcam Package and Parts

Users as of late have been having issues with this camera unit in regards to the basic operational items such as staying on or powering on when the auto is started. However, the Rexing staff and customer service are very responsive and are updating the firmware of the V1 on a regular basis so hopefully these bugs have been worked out since the time of writing this review.

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