Recording Life Utilizing the Best Dash Cams

The creation of dash cams is one of the best in the accessories category in regards to safety and money saving options to come out in a long time. Simply put dash cams allow drivers to have more eyes and more angles of coverage than ever before thus making for some of the safest driving options drivers have ever been offered since the invention of the automobile back in 1806.

A little history

One has Buick to thank for the initial utilization of the reverse dash cam as it was the first time one could see a dash cam in use, their 1956 Buick Centurion concept car to be specific. Fast forward to 1991 and Japan was able to see the use of the dash cams in the 1991 Toyota Soarer Limited. The United States, however, had to wait until 2001 when Nissan's Infiniti luxury division began offering a system to new car buyers as an added feature.

Red and White 1956 Buick Centurion

Recent Addition

One of the more recent additions to the basic new car packages is that of dash cams. To explain the use is of this accessory one can easily say it is like having eyes on every angle of one’s head making it possible for one to drive more safely than before. Now as soon as one places their car into the reverse position the on dash screen comes to life illuminating everything that is to be in the reversing radius.

Changes are Nearing

Car buyers are seeing the dash cam and camera system as one of the vehicle accessories to become a common or standard inclusion thus enabling it to be utilized by the homes of thousands of new car buyers at no additional expense. More and more drivers are getting and becoming used to this system as time goes by, and as such we are seeing more families safely maneuvering than ever before.

Multiple Dashcams on Windshield from Inside of Car

Households Being Equipped

The number of households that are equipped with this device or system will continue to grow until it is available with each and every new car made or allowed to be sold in the United States, at least, thanks to The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is responsible for a new regulation beginning in 2014 that will require all new vehicles to automatically include the rear dash cam or backup camera system by the onset of 2018.

Great Buy for All Drivers

Until the onset of 2018 happens a great buy would be the best dash cams and best dashboard camera systems. When shopping one wants to be sure that the dash cam selected includes rear visions enhancers to eliminate the accidental hitting of objects that have moved into one’s line of reverse driving after they have gotten into their vehicle.

FineVu Dashcam Design and In Use Look

Some specific cases in which one might have objects suddenly appear behind them when not expected might include the following examples:

  • a shopping cart rolling behind the car
  • ​a small child riding a bicycle unattended
  • a pet lying down in the car’s shadow for shade

Positive or negative

For those drivers that have never before had a dashcam system the first few uses, it might be classified as more of a negative distraction than it would be considered a positive addition. Similarly, those with the longest of driving years and histories might have a hard time becoming adjusted to this new technology, therefore, creating a hindrance to their already shrinking driving abilities.

Dashcam on Windshield and its Display

Since they are to be a required item in vehicles states might want to consider incorporating the following suggestions:

  • Adding mandatory classes at the time of renewals allowing drivers a chance to become accustomed to new features.
  • ​Offering an insurance premium reduction to all taking a class on vehicle safety additions.
  • ​Giving a discount to all vehicles that have had the additional safety features added to them after purchase.
  • Mandatory driving test for all drivers at the time of license renewal beginning in 2018 using a car that has all the latest safety features.

Dash Cam Considerations

When selecting the best dash cam for one’s car it is helpful to consider the number of cameras included as this also tells one the number of angles in which they have coverage. Other advantages one might want to consider when shopping around for the best car camera system might include the following options or additions:

  • Accident sensors
  • ​GPS functions
  • DVR functions
Multiple Dashcams on Windshield from Outside of Car

Dash Cam Benefits

Having the best in car camera and as well as the best dashcam systems has many positive aspects that one might not of yet to think about. The recent rise in insurance fraud cases makes the addition of the dash cam a potentially huge time, sanity, and money saving accessory. Some great uses for them would include the following.

  • ​Proof of fault in the case of an automobile accident
  • ​Documentation to show one’s actual speed
  • Reduced costs for insurance coverage

The Perfect Gift

Anyone needing to purchase a gift be it for a birthday, wedding, anniversary, or holiday now might have a great option that will work regardless the gender as long as they have a vehicle or regular access to one.

Rexing V1 Dashcam Package and Parts

A parent can even purchase their teenager one as a gift for the placement to occur on the car owned by the parent as mandatory means for enabling safe driving if they wish to continue borrowing the family car, thus making it a win for the whole family.


The dash cam conclusion is the only one in which the outcome is being determined, for all of those in the United States, automatically as there is a mandate already in place requiring the upcoming car lines to require dash cams at the time of car manufacturing.

Other countries may have more in the ways of actual personal decisions where the dash cam is involved. However, as a whole, the dash cam is a nice safety option that should, in many opinions, become an automatic addition for safe driving.