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Four Wheeling Fun The Safe Way

Off RoadThe world of off roading offers many different types of fun. Many people enjoy the thrill of a good trail ride on a lazy day of having an outing with friends.

From hill climbing to mud bogging to scenic views, a day of fun can turn bad quickly for the unprepared. Water, dirt and other types of nasty things can pop up and ruin a Saturday out in a hurry.

When you take your next excursion off road, remember these four wheel drive tips to make the day go smoothly.


Top Five Ways To Make Your Off-Road Vehicle Unstoppable

Off Road Up HillWe’ve all seen them; the amazing guys who take their trucks off-road and never get stuck. They seem magical – the perfect drivers. But truth be told, it probably has a lot more to do with the slight changes and accessories added to their trucks.

With a little research and concentration, your truck could be that unstoppable. The biggest question being, where do you start? It’s simpler than you might think.

You just have to have the right ground clearance, good protection, an equal amount of torque, and a back up plan.


A Perfect Off-Road & Camping Weekend

Offroad Weekend
Off-roading is a fun experience for everyone involved. Driver, passenger, parents or children, anyone can have fun driving off road.

Short day drives and rock crawls are fun but never feel as though they last long enough. Your best bet for the most enjoyable time is to make it an off-road weekend. Your best bet to having a great weekend is to figure out if your vehicle is capable of doing so.

Next is to make sure you’ve got your truck properly packed. Decide whether you’re going to be camping or renting a local hotel room and find yourself trails to go riding on.

The Necessary Equipment You Can’t Leave At Home

Offroad WeekendNothing kills a weekend like getting stuck and not having a way out. Keeping these tools in your truck lessens your chances things happening that you can’t fix.

- Winch front/back (basic set up’s with minimum pull of 2x the vehicles gross weight)

- Straps (DOT Approved)

- Shackles

- Work gloves

- Food and water

- Fire extinguisher (A, B & C extinguisher )


- Jumper cables

- Flashlight (with extra batteries)

- Binoculars (these are for scouting your path)

- Shovel

- Hatchet

- CB radio

- GPS with USGS chip

- Maps

- Extra clothing (for everyone in the truck, packed in waterproof bags)

What You Should Pack In Your Bag

Offroad WeekendWhen it comes to people packing is a little easier. Consider the climate you’ll be off-roading in and pack from there. Bring an extra change or two of clothes plus any sun protection you’ll need.

A cooler works well for food when strapped down. To water-seal it start on Monday and add a thin, even layer of rubber cement along the entire edge. Once dry add another coat.

The rubber will build up and create a thin but water tight seal. It will keep ice in and dirt out while protecting your food. If camping make sure you bring your camping gear.

Rolling other gear up in sleeping bags is productive. Again, make sure everything is strapped or tied down.

Rough It Or Hotel It?

When it comes to sleeping and if camping isn’t your thing you can always find local lodging. A small cabin rental for the weekend is a great idea and fun for the whole family.

Hotel rooms are another option so long as they’re a short drive from the off-road trails. Find something in your budget and stick with it.

Make sure that you reserve your cabin or rooms in advance if possible. Don’t be scared to ask for ‘near entrance’ rooms to keep mess to a minimum.

Finding The Best Fun Terrain

The last and one of the most important parts to having a great weekend is finding trails that you can enjoy. If you’re running a mud bogger then rock climbing won’t be a thing for you.

Here are a few places to check for good terrain that suits your truck.

- Ask a local club, they’ll know the best spots

- Check forum posts

- Research events, if they hold a mud bog there it’s sure to be good